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        Welcome to the Home page of the Unholy Godz' website. We are known for respecting and treating all of our guildies with loyalty, trust and equality. Which means each person in our guild will be given a job or responsibility so all people can be useful instead of just "another body." This way all characters will have a fair run during every guild event.  There will be ZERO favoritising in the guild. Not just ONE guildy will get everything just because, he/she is the Main tank,healer,caster or dd... If you need something then you will have a fair roll with the others rolling for the same item. 

        Our Guild leaders will be in charge of recruitment, and rules. To become a leader or Officer, you must show us you are here to stay! You will also need to show loyalty, respect, and honesty. We don't allow liars or decievers to run our guild! Nor to be a member. As players roam the world of Tunaria and come accross other Guilds that are raiding big and becoming the "Large Guilds", they are all fighting and betraying eachother. Later on down the road the guild loses control and spirals in a downward spiral and hits rock bottom. 9 out of 10 guilds will fail in Tunaria. Why is this you might ask? Well it all goes up the ladder to the leaders. How well do your leaders run your guild? Are they fair? Do they give EVERYONE equal opportunity to strengthen their characters? Only a few of many questions asked, and I guarantee that you answered No to most of these simple questions.. Not us! We practice what we preach! We are here for the players and to help EVERYONE expand and strengthen themselves! 
        Don't believe us? Take a look around and view some of the forums, or other pages and just see what people have to say about us. Check out our organization. Watch some raid footage once we get some posted. It's all about Equality, organization, and respect. We provide all of the above!

Thank You!

Guild Leaders work on Guild Rally Point!
By Admin_Fallronce, Jun 20, 11 11:02 AM

The guild leaders of Unholy Godz are working on a rallying point for the guild members to "hangout" or to meet up for meetings. This decision is not only for useful measures, but for organization and leadership. Speak with Fallronce or Raezin to get more information on this topic!

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